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50pxBascom Ray Lakin - Baptist preacher and evangelist - 47 of his best revival messages stream and download. B.R. Lakin was a major contributor to the Jerry Falwell ministry. He is buried at the Liberty University campus.
Biography tozer 50wpxA.W. Tozer - "A man who was not afraid to 'tell it like it is' and never compromised his beliefs. A man whose life and spiritual legacy continue to draw many into a deeper knowledge of God. A.W. Tozer walked a path in his spiritual life that few attempt, characterized by a relentless and loving pursuit of God. His life is, perhaps, best summed up by Leonard Ravenhill who once said of him...""I fear that we shall never see another Tozer. Men like him are not college bred but Spirit taught. The flippant did not like A.W. Tozer; the serious who wanted to know what God was saying to them loved him. With but a single exception, we have a long admired and respected A.W. Tozer whose message was fresh but uncompromising."
Biography harry ironside 50pxHarry A. Ironside - Studies in Isaiah - six part series, each part is approximately 45 minutes long.
Biography mcgee50J. Vernon McGee - "Thru the bible Radio" series. John Vernon McGee was born in Hillsboro, Texas, in 1904. Dr. McGee remarked, "When I was born and the doctor gave me the customary whack, my mother said that I let out a yell that could be heard on all four borders of Texas!" His Creator well knew that he would need a powerful voice to deliver a powerful message.
  J. Vernon McGee 57 of his best messages.
  J.Vernon McGee Series Messages Collections. These are an extensive collection of messages given by J.Vernon McGee over many years. They are in series form covering various topics.
Biography jackson 50pxMaze Jackson - 40 messages. Maze Jackson (1923-1996) was an American Independent Baptist evangelist, best known as Brother Maze to fellow preacher's as well as friends. The Truck Drivers Special, was a long-running radio series popular among truckers and their families, as well as believers from boarder to boarder & coast to coast. He was also the editor of The Preacher's Goldmine, a sermon and Bible study source magazine for ministers. (A series of digests from this magazine was called Golden Nuggets.)
  Lester Roloff - 127 of his best Messages
roloff 50pxLester Roloff. Lester Roloff was one of the most amazing people God has ever called into the ministry. His heart for sinners, especially those upon whom the world had given up, was unmatched anywhere.
greene50pxOliver B. Greene - (1915-1976) was an American, independent Baptist evangelist and author. For thirty-five years conducted revival meetings in tents and in churches across America. Preached a daily radio broadcast on The Gospel Hour which he founded.34 Messages
Biography kelly 50pxBilly Kelly (1932-1997) He was saved May 16th, 1950 at the University of Tennessee. Only a few days after his conversion he announced the call to preach. After his conversion he used his musical talents for God, and the Lord used him to preach and sing across America for many years.
Biography rice 50pxJohn Richard Rice (December 11, 1895 - December 29, 1980) was a Baptist evangelist and pastor and the founding editor of The Sword of the Lord, an influential fundamentalist newspaper.
Biography Bro. Tom Malone - Dr. Thomas Lloyd (Tom) Malone, (1916-2007). Independent Baptist preacher. Pastor Emeritus of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pontiac, Michigan and founder of Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, A graduate of Bob Jones College, he also earned a PHD. (cum laude) at Wayne State University of Detroit. For more than fifty years Dr. Malone was one of the most sought after pulpeteers in the world. Featured regularly on almost every national platform in independent Baptist circles, and a regular guest in the pulpit of every large fundamental church in America, he was a master craftsman in the preparation of sermons and a prince of preachers at the time of the sermon’s delivery. Dr. John R. Rice often referred to him as “perhaps the greatest pulpiteer of his generation.”
hudsonJack Hudson. (1922 - 1990) Dr. Hudson was founder and pastor of Northside Baptist Church in Charlotte NC. His hearts desire was to "Make Much of Jesus"
  Download The Man Who Had God For An Escort - by Bro. Bill Kanoy, 1970s
Listen Download 26 After This The Judgement by G.B. Vick
Listen Download 27 Carest Thou Not That We May Perish by Bob Hughes
Listen Download 27A I Sat Where They Sat by Bob Hughes
Listen Download 28 The Day God Blacked Out The Sun by W.E. Dowell
Listen Download 28A The Difference Between Law And Grace by W.E. Dowell
Listen Download 29 New Testament Church by Noel Smith [Graduation at Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO. 1973]
Listen Download 29A The Great Altar In The Middle Of Earth by Noel Smith
Listen Download 30 He Is The Best I've Ever Seen by Jasper Williams
Listen Download 31 Home Before Dark by Vance Havner
Listen Download 32 The Lordship Of Christ by S.M. Lockridge
  W.W. Burns: 1. Hell (Its Reality); 2&3 The Most Deadly Deception - Parts 1 & 2
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