Solomon & Christina

Bro. Solomon Owolabi and his wife Christina, native Nigerians, have made Grace Baptist Church their American home church. Bro. Solomon is a product of missions himself, as he was saved under the ministry of an American missionary many years ago. Solomon attended and graduated from Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, TN. He then went back to his home country to win people to the Lord and start churches. There are many great works in Nigeria and Ghana Africa because of the faithfulness of Solomon and Christina. They have just recently finished a new building to house the main church which seats approximately 1,200. Along with the churches which have been started, there is also the Zion Christian Academy with over 400 students and the Blue Mountain Bible College to train men that have answered the call to the ministry. Solomon also supports 19 different pastors in Nigeria.

The Owolabi's can be reached at and please send all support to Grace Baptist Church, 735 Lenin Rd. Madisonville, KY 42431.