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2014 Camp Meeting at Grace Baptist Church

Listen Download 38min 1. This is Only a Test, Philippians 1:10 by Bro. Benny Hatfield,. Sunday Morning, 10-5-2014
Listen Download 38min

2. The Trial that Jesus Should Have Had, Mark 14:53, by Bro. Benny Hatfield.Sunday Evening. 10-5-2014

Listen Download 44min 3. He Knows My Name, Luke 10:17 by Bro. Kennon Roark, 10/6/2014
Listen Download 55min 4. How Do You Smell, 2Cor 2:14, 15, 16. By Bro. Ken Roark, 10-7-2014
Listen Download 53min 5. Bring the Book and Read It, Nehemiah 8:1,3 by Bro. Ken Roark, 10-8-2014
Listen Download 33min 6. God's Friend, Proverbs 18:24, by Bro. Benny Hatfield 10-9-2014
Listen Download 18min 7. Benefits of Friendship with Jesus, Matthew 21:10, by Bro. Gene Dame 10-9-2014
Listen Download 21min 8. Peter's Little Faith, Matthew 14:22 by Bro. Don Guess10-9-2014
Listen Download 32min 9. None of These Things Moved Me, Acts 20:24 by Bro. Benny Downes 10-9-2014
Listen Download 17min 10. Seeing Evidence of Our Faith, Hebrews 11:1-4 By Bro. Jason King 10-9-2014
Listen Download 33min 11. The Call of God, Exodus 3:1-10 by Bro. Donnie Howton, 10-9-2014
Listen Download 72min 12. Islam Examined, Revelation 21:1-5, By Bro. Lee Watts, 10-10-2014
Listen Download 24min 13. Determination, Isaiah 50:7, By Clyde Shaffer, 10-10-2014
Listen Download 40min 14. Who Can Tell, Jonah 3:1-10, by Bro. Jimmy Moise, 10-10-2014
Listen Download 43min 15. How the Gospel Came, 1Thessalonians 1:5, By Bro. Dustin Taylor, 10-10-2014
Listen Download 27min 16. The Importance of Church, Psalms 122:1 by Bro. Scott Matthews 10-10-2014
Listen Download 80min 17. Preach On - Preacher - Preach On by Bro. Ricky Clark, 10-10-2014



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