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Listen Download 1. The Strange Providence of God - Esther - 40min.
Listen Download 2. The Wife Who Refused to Obey Her Husband - Esther 1 - 43min.
Listen Download 3. First Beauty Contest to Choose a Queen - Esther 2 - 41min.
Listen Download 4. Haman-Hitler and Anti-Semittism - Esther 3 - 43min.
Listen Download 5. For Such a Time as This - Esther 4 - 44min.
Listen Download 6. When a King Could Not Sleep - Esther 5 & 6 - 34min.
Listen Download 7. The Guest Who Came to Dinner - Esther 6 & 7 - 36min.
Listen Download 8. The Message of Hope That Went Out From the King - Esther 8 - 31min.

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