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NOTE: Some of these recordings where made shortly after Bro. Richardson had throat surgery.

Listen Download 1. The need of the woman at the well; John 41-42;
Listen Download 2. Jesus is needed in the storm, Acts 27:18-31, 2-21-2016
Listen Download 3. Jesus is needed at the helm of the ship, Mark 4:33-41, 2-28-2016
Listen Download 4. Jesus is needed at the hog pen, Luke 15:11-24, 3-13-2016
Listen Download 5. Jesus is needed when we are hungry, John 6:1-14, 3-20-2016
Listen Download 6. Jesus is needed when my faith fails, Matthew 14:22-23, 4-4-2016
Listen Download 7. Jesus is needed at the Potter's house, Jeremiah 18:1-12, 4-10-2016
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