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There are many scriptures where names or words are spoken two times together. We are examining these different occasions.

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Listen Download 1. Twice Called - A Call of Sorrows - Matthew 7:21 When the Lord says something one time, it is important. If He says it twice, we better make sure we listen. This message gives us three different occasions where we read words spoken together. "Lord, lord" will be spoken to God from the judgement. "Jerusalem, Jerusalem" was spoken to the Jews that were in rejection and "My God, My God" speaks from Jesus to His Father.
Listen Download 2. "Twice Called" The Call To Sacrifice Gen. 22
God called Abraham and Abraham answered with "Here I am". In that answer God began to put Abraham to the test to see if he was really serious about serving God. He put him to the ultimate test in asking Abraham to sacrifice his only son.
Listen Download 3. "Twice Called" A Call To Surrender. Genensis 46. This is the third in a series of messages entitled "Twice Called." This lesson is on the man Jacob. God came to him and said, "Jacob, Jacob." This was God call to surrender his life and family to the Lord. The Child of God should be able to surrender everything over to the Lord because He has been so good to us.By Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 11-13-2011 Sunday.
Listen Download 4. Twice Called - Exodus 3:4--Moses, The Call of Separation. As we continue our study on "Twice Called" we see God's call to Moses was one of separation. He had to be separated from his family to go and lead the people of Israel out of Egyptian bondage. Moses answered God's call with "Here am I." This should be the attitude of every believer. By Bro. Lawrence Richardson, Sunday, 11-20-2011 PM
Listen Download 5. The Call To Service (Twice Called Series)
This message is about the man Samuel. He was given to the Lord's service before his birth by Hannah his mother. One night he heard the voice of God and responded with, Here am I." God made him a great prophet and priest to the nation of Israel. 11-27-2011
Listen Download 6. The Call To Spirituallity (Twice Called Series) --In this message we see Martha burdened down with service. The reason the
service was such a problem to her is found in her spiritual life. Mary had chosen the best because she realize that service is only enjoyed when our lives are on the correct spiritual level with the Lord. By Bro. Lawrence Richardson, Sunday p.m. 12-4-11
Listen Download 7. The Call to Suffering - (Twice Called Series)7. The Apostle Peter was warned by the Lord Jesus that the Devil was wanting to sift him as wheat. Many time the Lord allows suffering to come to our lives to make us stronger in the faith. Peter certainly had his trials and times of suffering but later he was inspired to write in his books that our trials become more precious than gold tried in the fire. When suffering comes, we must learn to trust in ChristBy Bro. Lawrence Richardson.




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