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Listen Download 1. Acts 1:1-14 Witnesses for God - Introduction to Book of Acts
Listen Download 2. Acts 1:13-26 The Assembly of Believers - Book of Acts Ch. The Assembly of Believers The book of Acts is the history and continuing story of the early church. The Assembly is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Assembly means called out. We as believers have been called out from this world to serve His in His Church, believing His Word.
Listen Download 3. Acts 2 Coming of the Spirit - Day of Pentecost - Acts 2 gives us the account of the Coming of the Holy Spirit to literal baptize the early church. With the Spirit they now have the power to accomplish the Great Commission. Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.
Listen Download 4. Acts 3 First Apostle Miracle - Silver and gold have I none was the statement of Peter as the man asking alms lay before him. This man was asking for money but he received more than he had ever thought possible. He was healed immediately and that amazed everyone.
Listen Download 5. Acts 4 We Must Speak - Persecution Begins - As we continue our study in the book of Acts we see in this chapter the persecution of Peter and John because of the miracle they performed in chapter 3. The Religious group became troubled at the teaching of the Disciples in the name of Jesus. After they are commanded to no longer speak in that name they are more determined to follow Jesus and not the people.
Listen Download 6. Acts 5 Internal Problems - The early church was experiencing many problems from external forces. In Acts 5 we see the church having problems now from within its own membership. This couple lied not only to the church but also to the Holy Spirit.
Listen Download 7. Acts 6 Murmuring & Ministering in the Early Church - As the church grew rapidly so did the problems. There were concerns about widows not being taken care of by the church as they should have been. Therefore, 7 men were chosen to help with the duties of caring for those ladies. These men were full of the Holy Ghost and faith and the Lord helped them to fulfill their duties.
Listen Download 8. Acts 7 The Murder of Stephen - This chapter relates the stoning of Stephen, a man full of the Holy Ghost. Stephen was one of the men chosen to help in the ministry. He was faithful to his calling. This chapter also gives us the first mention of Saul who later became the Apostle Paul.
Listen Download 9. Acts 8 Phillip The Evangelist
In chapter 8 of Acts we the willingness of Phillip to leave a place of many blessings to follow the call of the Holy Spirit to go to a dessert where there was only one man that needed
the message of Salvation. Because of his faithfulness the Ethiopian man learned the need of not just being religious but converted.
Listen Download 10. Acts 9 The Conversion of Saul
Saul had been a very vocal and harmful person to the church of Jesus Christ. On the road to Damascus, Saul met the Lord Jesus and found himself in need of conversion. Saul heard and believed the message from the Lord. He became the most important man in the continuation of the church of Jesus Christ through out the region and to the regions beyond.
Listen Download 11. Acts10 The Great Change - In Acts 11 we see the Apostle Peter preaching to the Gentiles and the Lord granting them the same blessing and miracle as He did to the Jews on the Day of Pentecost. In this chapter we see the expanding of the Gospel to the gentiles.Wednesday 8-10-11 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson.11th in series.
Listen Download 12. Acts 11 Contention in the Church - The early church was a Jewish church but the Lord had plans to expand the church to include everyone. In this chapter we see the contention of the Jewish believers to the fact that Gentiles had received the Grace of God. Peter goes back to Jerusalem and reports that "repentance had been granted to the Gentiles. 8-17-11Wednsday. By Bro. Lawrence Richardson.12th in series.
Listen Download 13. Acts 12 Repression of the Church - This chapter gives us the story of the arrest and miraculous release of the Apostle Peter. Peter is thrown in jail but the Angle of the Lord came in during the night hours and set him free. The church saw a direct answer to their prayers concerning Peter. Despite the hardships and trials, the church continued to grow and prosper. By Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 8-24-2011 Wednsday
Listen Download 14. Acts Chapter 13 The Beginning of Paul's Missionary Work With persecution, many Christians fled Jerusalem and went north to Antioch, making it the new center of Christian activity. The Holy Spirit called Barnabas and Saul to go where He would lead them. As they went they preached Jesus Christ as the Savior to all that would believe. This chapter gives us the details of Paul's first missionary journey. By Bro. Lawrence Richardson. 8-31-2011 Wednsday.
Listen Download 15. Acts 14 gives us the continuing story of the early church and the completed first missionary journey of Paul and Barnabas. When their travels finished they reported back to the church at Antioch concerning the endeavor of preaching the gospel to the regions beyond. They faced blessings and trials but in the end the Scriptures state they finished their assignment.
Listen Download 16. Acts 15 give us the details of how the early church handled a serious doctrinal problem. This chapter shows us how the Apostles responded to the possibility of false doctrine being
introduced to the Gentile believers. The end of the chapter gives us the foundation for the second missionary journey of Paul. By Bro. Lawrence Richardson, Wed. 9-28-2011
Listen Download 17. Acts 16. This chapter gives us the first part of the second missionary journey of Paul and Silas. As they go to the different cities they come into contact with Timothy. Timothy then goes with them on their journey. By Bro. Lawrence Richardson. Wed. 10-19-2011
Listen Download 18.Acts 17. --The Second Missionary Journey continues.In the 17th chapter of Acts we see three main stops that Paul and his group make as they continue the second missionary journey. The go to Thessalonica, Berea and Athens. Each city has the Gospel presented unto them in a clear way so they would have opportunity to believe. By Bro. Lawrence Richardson, Wed. 10-26-2011
Listen Download 19.Acts 18 The Converts in Corinth
As Saul leaves Athens he goes to the very important city of Corinth. Corinth was the center of travel and therefore was a very sinful place. Paul preached and many were saved and the Church of Corinth was established. Later he writes two letters back to the church to correct Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 11-2-2011
Listen Download 20. Acts 18 Closing and Acts 19. The Beginning of the Third Missionary Journey.In the last part of Acts 18 we read that Paul reports back to the Antioch Church. This is the church that sent him out and now he is back there for the second time to tell the good news of God's blessings. Chapter 19 of Acts records the beginning of the third missionary journey of Paul. He spend two years at Ephesus teaching and training the believers in the way of the Lord.By Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 11-9-2011
Listen Download 21.Acts 20--The Last Stages of the Third Missionary Journey. This chapter gives us the last events of the third missionary journey of Paul. He calls for the elders from Ephesus to come so he can give them some last instructions. He knows this will be the last time he sees them and we wants to make sure the Church in Ephesus continues to be a strong church in the future. By Bro. Lawrence Richardson, Wednsday 11-16-2011
Listen Download 22. Acts 21 --The Missionary Journey's Of Paul End (Series on Acts) Acts 21 gives us the finish of the third missionary journey of the Apostle Paul. This chapter is the last chapter of Paul's life as a free man. Paul goes to Jerusalem out of the will of God. He is beaten by the Jews and arrested by the Romans.Wed. 11-30-2011 By Bro. Lawrence Richardson
Listen Download 23. Acts 22. Paul's Defense in Jerusalem.
Acts 22 contains the defense of Paul before the Jewish people and their response. They hated the words and works of Paul to the point they wanted to kill him.
Listen Download 24. Acts 23. Paul Before the Sanhedrin
Paul stands before the Sanhedrin and sees that it is made up of both Pharisees and Sadducees. These two groups were apposed to each other and Paul points out that he was on trial for him being a Pharisee and a son of a Pharisee and that causes the Sanhedrin to argue. Paul is taken out and removed for fear of bodily harm.By Bro. Lawrence Richardson
Listen Download 25. Acts 24. Paul Before Felix 1-4-12
Paul stands before Felix in this chapter. He speaks for himself before his accusers. He clearly states his innocence but Felix will not make a judgment. The words of Paul troubled Felix and he called for a private meeting with him. The Scripture tells us that Paul preached unto him and then under conviction, "he trembled."By Bro. Lawrence Richardson. 1-4-2012
Listen Download 26. Acts 25--Paul Before Festus 1-11-12
The unjust judges continue to have Paul come before them. Festus has just taken the office of Felix and he is told of the pending case of Paul. He calls Paul before him and again no judgment is given and Paul appeals to Caesar.
Listen Download 27. Acts 26 - Paul's Defense. By Bro. Lawrence Richardson. 1-18-2012.




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