Bro. Maze Jackson: Listen to 40 of his greatest messages. Provided by Grace Baptist Church, Madisonville, KY. 42431
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Maze Jackson

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jackson 75pxMaze Jackson (1923-1996) was an American Independent Baptist evangelist, best known as Brother Maze to fellow preacher's as well as friends. The Truck Drivers Special, was a long-running radio series popular among truckers and their families, as well as believers from boarder to boarder & coast to coast. He was also the editor of The Preacher's Goldmine, a sermon and Bible study source magazine for ministers. (A series of digests from this magazine was called Golden Nuggets.)

Born and raised in Hendersonville, North Carolina, Jackson made his home in Atlanta, Georgia. His wife, known as "Sister Dot," worked with him in his ministry.

Many of Jackson's sermons are available today on the Internet. Johnny the Baptist's website presents over thirty hours of Jackson's sermons (in RealAudio format), with plans to increase to a hundred hours. Repeats of The Truck Drivers Special continue to air in some American radio markets.


Listen Download 1 A Trip Most Baptists Have Not Made.
Listen Download 2 Abomination. There are some things listed in the Word Of God that God abhors and calls abominations.
Listen Download 3 Will Israel Be Another Vietnam? Matt 24:6-8
Listen Download 4 Are You Asking For Trouble?
Listen Download 5 A Crown of Thorns. Brother Maze preaches about the crown of thorns that sat upon the head of our dear Lord.
Listen Download 6 Deadlines.
Listen Download 7 Ebenezer Stone. A memorial is established for those special places in life where God sends us special help. Brother Maze preaches about these stones.
Listen Download 8 Everybody Ought To Know.
Listen Download 9 Family Circle.
Listen Download 10 Following the Bottle. Brother Maze preaches maybe the best sermon I have ever heard on liquor. It is reminiscent of Billy Sunday's sermons on "Booze". Prov. 20:1; 23:29-30
Listen Download 11 The Forth Man.
Listen Download 12 From Canaan. Brother Maze preaches on that victorious Christian life that is found when we live in Canaan's fair land.
Listen Download 13 Give Me A Man.
Listen Download 14 Glory of the Lord.
Listen Download 15 Great Commission Promises.
Listen Download 16 Great Mistakes.
Listen Download 17 Has the Devil Made A laughing Stock of You - Pt. 1
Listen Download 18 Has the Devil Made A Laughing Stock of You - Pt. 2
Listen Download 19 He Cannot see.
Listen Download 20 Higher Ground.
Listen Download 21 Higher Ground Invitation Pt. 1
Listen Download 22 Higher ground Pt. 2
Listen Download 23 Higher Ground Pt. 3
Listen Download 24 Honey for the Journey.
Listen Download 25 If God Set Your Barley Field On Fire.
Listen Download 26 Jesus Passed By.
Listen Download 27 The King is Coming.
Listen Download 28 Let Us behold His Glory.
Listen Download 29 Loosing God In One Generation. Brother Maze preaches about how easy it is to lose the touch, anointing, power, and knowledge of God in one generation.
Listen Download 30 Pearl of Great Price.
Listen Download 31 Some Things We Never Get Over.
Listen Download 32 Spiritual Desires.
Listen Download 33 The Man Who WOuld Not Listen. There are some who have been told the truth, but they will not listen.
Listen Download 34 The Sweetest Words Jesus Ever Said.
Listen Download 35 They Turned the World Upside Down.
Listen Download 36 What Will You Leave Behind.
Listen Download 37 What's All That Shouting About. Brother Maze preaches about shouting. The world watches the old fashioned church and asks, "What's All That Shouting About?"
Listen Download 38 When God Breaks Us All To Pieces.
Listen Download 39 When He Was On the Cross.
Listen Download 40 Where is My Wandering Boy Tonight. Brother Maze preaches on the Prodigal Son and uses his own son who wandered astray and came back home as an example. It is a very touching sermon.
Provided by Grace Baptist Church, Madisonville, KY 42431