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2017 Camp Meeting at Grace Baptist Church

Download 46 1. Take a Bite Out of God, PS 34:7-8 by Bro. Benny Hatfield
Download 25 2. Evidences of Purchase Jer 32:1-14 by Bro George Sears
Download 28 3. Types of People in Church, 2Timothy 4:1-3 by Bro Dave Noffsinger
Download 30 4. The Office of Worship, JN4:21-26 by Bro Dustin Taylor
Download 33

5. Cities of Joy, Acts 8:1-8 by Bro Benny Hatfield

Download 35 6. Sermon, 1Chron 15:11, by Bro Melvin Sisson
Download 27 7. Doing Business With God, 2Cor 7:14 by Bro Gene Dame
Download 25 8.After This, Revelation 4:1 by Bro Donnie Howton.
Download 37 9. The Gospel According to Six Woman, Matt 1:1-6 by Bro Bob Ferguson.
Download 40 10.Isaiah Unbelievable Report, Isaiah 53:1-12 by Bro Bob Ferguson
Download 26 11.You've Got More Than You Think, Acts 3:1-6 by Bro Noah Broughton
Download 33 12. I Looked, I beheld, I Saw, Revelation 1:1-2 by Bro Scott Matthews
Download 28 13. The Space of Grace, Ezra 9:7-8 by Bro Steve Wagers
Download 27 14. Help In Trial, Job 5:7 by Bro Mike Decker
Download 27 15. Let Us, Psalms 95:1-2 & 6, Hebrews 10:22-23 by Bro Clift Wade
Download 57 16.Be An Encourager, Acts 4:34-36 by Bro Bob Ferguson.



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