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These messages are typically given on Sunday morning and evening and Wednsday evening by Pastor Lawrence Richardson but also include guest speakers at Grace Baptist Church.
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So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.
Romans 10:17 (KJV)

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Individual Sermons by Bro. Richardson & Guest Speakers

Listen Download God With Us, Matthew 1:23 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 12-18-2016
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2 Corinthians Ch. 3 by Bro Chris Gouger, 12-18-2016

Listen Download Pillows We Can Rest On, Mark 4:35 & 5:1-4 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 12-11-2016
Listen Download The Mother of Jesus - Luke 1:26-38 by Bro L. Richardson, 12-11-2016
Listen Download 2 Corinthians Chapter 2 by Bro Chris Gouger 12-11-2016
Listen Download The Year Before Us, Philipians 3:1-14 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 12-4-2016.
Listen Download The Name of Jesus, Philipians 2:5-11 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 12-4-2016.
Listen Download 2 Corinthians 1:1-24 by Bro Chris Gouger, 12-4-2016
Listen Download The Works of the Gospel - 1Thess 1:5 & 2:2 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 11-30-2016.
Listen Download Our Hope in Christ, 1Peter 1:1-5 by Bro Dustin Taylor, 11-27-2016
Listen Download Isaiah Christmas Message, ISA 1:1-10 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 11-27-2016.
Listen Download Micah Chapters 4 thru 7 by Bro Chris Gouger 11-27-2016
Listen Download People Who Were Thankful, Psalm 100:1-5 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 11-22-2016
Listen Download The Sad Attitude & Lack of Thanksgiving, Luke 17:11-19 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 11-20-2016.
Listen Download It is Written, Matthew 4:1-11 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 11-20-2016
Listen Download Micah Chapters 1 & 2 by Bro Chris Gouger 11-21-2016
Listen Download The Bundle of Life, Ecc 12:13-14 by Bro David Johnston 11-16-2016.
Listen Download Four Patriarchs Used By God; Hebrews 11:8; 20-22 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson 11-13-2016.
Listen Download When God Overrules the Majority, Daniel 2:14-21 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 11-13-2016.
Listen Download 2Chronicles 28 by Bro Chris Gouger, 11-13-2016
Listen Download Caleb Wholly Followed the Lord, Josh14:7-9;14 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 11-9-2016
Listen Download The Wiles of the Devil, Eph 6:10-13 by Bro Chris Gouger, 11-6-2016.
Listen Download Johah Chapter 4 by Bro Chris Gouger 11-6-2016
Listen Download The Blessed Man, PSA 112:1-10 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 10-30-2016
Listen Download The Many Things We Have in Christ, 2Peter 1:1-8 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 10-30-2016.
Listen Download Johah Chapter 3 by Bro Chris Gouger 10-30-2016
Listen Download Forgiveness, Eph 4:30-32, by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 10-26-2016
Listen Download Why Paul Had a Great Testimony - Acts 26 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson 10-23-2016.
Listen Download How Are We Going To Die? Hebrews 11:13-16 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 10-23-2016
Listen Download Jonah 1 & 2 by Bro. Chris Gouger, 10-23-2016.
Listen Download Having Compassion on Making a Difference - Jude 1:17-23 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 10-16-2016.
Listen Download Hosea 10 thru 14 by Bro Chris Gouger 10-16-2016
Listen Download Hosea 4 thru 9 by Bro Chris Gouger 10-9-2016
Listen Download Three Great Things - John 1:1-13 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 10-5-2016
Listen Download Come Quickly Lord Jesus, Revelation 22:1-22 Part 30 of a series by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 10-2-2016
Listen Download What is wrong with America? Ez7:1-9 & 23-27 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 10-2-2016
Listen Download Hosea 1-3 - Sunday School - by Bro. Chris Gouger 10-2-2016
Listen Download Grace and Peace; 1Thess:1-2 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 9-28-2016
Listen Download Study of Revelation Part 29. New Heaven, New Earth, All Things New. Study of the New Jerusalem by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 9-25-2016
Listen Download Facing Our Giants - 1Samuel17:1-47 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 9-25-2016
Listen Download Sunday School - 2Kings14 Vs.21-29; 14:1-38 & 2Chronicles 26:1-23 & 27:1-9 by Bro. Chris Gouger 9-25-2016
Listen Download 9-21-2016 Five Crowns - Revelation 4:4-10 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson 9-21-2016
Listen Download Study of Revelation, Part 28, The End of the Milennium and Last Judgement, Revelations Ch. 20 Vs. 9-15 by Bro Lawrence Richardson
Listen Download Persecution Will Come - 2Timothy 3:10-15 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 9-18-2016
Listen Download

Book of Amos - Sunday School - by Bro. Chris Gouger, 9-18-2016

Listen Download The Judgement Seat - 1Corinthians 3:1-23 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 9-14-2016
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The Milennium. Study of Revelation Pt. 27 - Rev20:1-6 by Bro Lawrence Richardson. 9-11-2016

Listen Download Churches Without the Truth, 1Timothy 3:14-15, by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 9-11-2016
Listen Download Book of Amos, Chapters 1-9 by Bro Larry Jones, 9-11-2016
Listen Download What Will Give Us Joy? Romans6:14-23 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 9-7-2016
Listen Download The Marriage of the Lamb & the Second Coming. Study of Revelation Pt. 26. Rev19: 6-21 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 9-4-2016
Listen Download Rejecting God's Word, Jeremiah36:1-8 & 19-26 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 09-4-2016
Listen Download 2Chronicles15 & 2Kings14 by Bro Chris Gouger 09-4-2016
Listen Download Motivation for Serving Christ. 2Cor5 v14-21 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 08-31-2016
Listen Download Babylon. Study of Revelation. Part 24; Rev17: 1-18. by Bro. Lawrence Richardson 08-14-2016
Listen Download The Collapse of Babylon - Rev18:1 to Rev19:6 - Study of Revelation Part 25 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 8-28-2016
Listen Download We Can Serve God in these Last Days - Heb11 v1-6 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson
Listen Download Jesus Never Fails - Hebrews13 vs5-9 by Bro L. Richardson 8-24-2016
Listen Download The Lord was with Joseph - Judges 1 vs22 by Bro. Nathan Howton 8-21-2016
Listen Download The Blood of Jesus- Hebrews 10 vs19 by Bro Nathan Howton 8-21-2016
Listen Download Luke 23 vs26-56 - by Bro Chris Gouger 8-21-2016
Listen Download A Great Gulf Fixed Luke 16:22-31 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 8-7-2016
Listen Download Luke 22 by Bro Chris Gouger 8-7-2016
Listen Download A Different Look at Sodom - Genesis 13:5-13 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 8-3-2016
Listen Download The 7th Vial Rev16 vs17-21 Study of Revelation by L. Richardson 7-31-2016
Listen Download Luke 21 by Bro Chris Gouger 7-31-2016
Listen Download Saved to Serve Romans 1: 1-6 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 7-31-2016
Listen Download God Can Use the most Unusable - Judges 6: 6-15 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 7-27-2016
Listen Download Standing Against the Devil - EPH 6: 10-13 by Bro. Chris Gouger 7-24-2016
Listen Download Study of Revelation Part 22 The First Six Vials - Rev.16. 1-13 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 7-17-2016
Listen Download kentucky Baptist History by Bro. Mickey Winters, 7-16-2016
Listen Download A Place Reserved for Us, 1Peter1. 1-8 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 7-13-2106
Listen Download Study of Revelation Ch. 15, Part 21 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson 7-10-2016
Listen Download What is Wrong with America? Proverbs 29:2 & Eze 23:22-31 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 7-10-2016
Listen Download Luke Chapter 17 by Bro Chris Gouger 7-10-2016
Listen Download Grace - Eph 1:1-14 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 7-6-2016
Listen Download Study of Revelation Part 20, Chapters 14 & 15, The Wrath of God, by Bro Lawrence Richardson 7-3-2016
Listen Download Words that are Needed Today, Proverbs 25:11-19, 4th of July Sermon, by Bro Lawrence Richardson 7-3-2016
Listen Download In Your Right Mind, Matthew 8:28-34 & Luke 8:26-39 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 6-29-2016
Listen Download Luke 16 by Bro Chris Gouger 7-3-2016
Listen Download A Study of Revelation Part 19 - The Lamb and the 144 Thousand by Bro. Lawrence Richardson 6-26-2016
Listen Download How to Face Our Problems, Joshua 6: by Bro Lawrence Richardson 6-26-2016
Listen Download Luke 15 by Bro Chris Gouger 6-26-2016
Listen Download The Father of the Prodigal Son, Luke 15:11 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 6-19-2016
Listen Download Luke Chapter 13 by Bro L. Richardson, 6-19-2016
Listen Download And at midnight, Acts 16:25 by Bro. L. Richardson 6/8/2016
Listen Download The Wounding of the Beast, Rev. Part 18 of the series. by Bro. Lawrence Richardson 6-5-2016
Listen Download God Requires Old Paths, Jeremiah 6:16 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 6-5-2016
Listen Download Luke 9 by Bro Chris Gouger 6-5-2016
Listen Download Nothing is Too Hard for the Lord, Matthew 19:26 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson 6-1-2016
Listen Download Luke 7 & 8 by Bro Chris Gouger 5-29-2016
Listen Download Stones of Rememberance Joshua 4:1-7 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 5-29-2016
Listen Download If God Be For Us Who Can Be Against Us - Romans 8:1 & 28-39 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 5-29-2016
Listen Download In Everything Give Thanks - 1Thess 5:16-28 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 5-25-2016
Listen Download The Power of Missions, Acts 1:1-11 by Bro. Silveira, missionary to Brazil
Listen Download Luke 7:1-35 by Bro Chris Gouger, 5-22-2016
Listen Download The Importance of Salt, Matthew 5:13 & Mark 9:52 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 5-22-2016
Listen Download The Result of Paul's Thorn in the Flesh, 2Cor ch. 12 Vs. 1-10, by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 5-18-2016
Listen Download Luke 6:10-49 by Bro Chris Gouger 5-15-2016
Listen Download Turning a Curse into a Blessing, Deut 23:3-5 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 5-15-2016, 5-15-2016
Listen Download Jacob the Supplanter (To take the plae of another as through force or scheming, etc) Genesis 32: 24-30 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 5-11-2016 Sunday
Listen Download The Beast that comes out of the sea, Rev 13: 1-10, by Bro Lawrence Richardson 5-8-2016
Listen Download

Luke 5 by Bro. Chris Gouger 5-8-2016

Listen Download Ruth, A Godly Mother, Ruth 1: 1-17 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 5-8-2016
Listen Download War in Heaven - Rev. 12:7-17 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 5-1-2016
Listen Download Jesus is needed in the desert places - PSA 78: 31-40 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 5-1-2016 am
Listen Download

Luke 4 by Bro Chris Gouger 5-1-2016

Listen Download Luke 3 by Bro Chris Gouger 4-24-2016
Listen Download Hallelujah - Psa 104:35 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 4-24-2016
Listen Download What do we find at Simon the Pharisee's house? Luke 7:36-50, by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 4-20-2016
Listen Download Rejection of God's Salvation - Noah Series - Gen. 7:21-24, by Bro Lawrence Richardson
Listen Download What Jesus Found in the Leper's House; Matt 26:6-13, Mark 14:2-9, John 12: 1-2 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 4-6-2016
Listen Download 4-10-2016 Jesus is needed at the Potter's house, Jer 18: 1-12, by Bro Lawrence Richardson
Listen Download 4-10-2016 Sunday School, Luke 4 by Bro L. Richardson
Listen Download

Jesus is needed when our faith fails, Matt 14:22-23 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 4-3-2016

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We can go home in the Light; 1Cor 15:1-19 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 3-27-2016 Easter Sunday

Listen Download Some Things the Devil Found at Job's House, John 1:1-4, by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 3-16-2016
Listen Download What Jesus Does With Our Sins, Romans 10:1-9 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson 3-13-2016
Listen Download Why Did the Wise Men See the Star - Matthew 2:1-12 by Bro. Chris Gouger, 1-3-2016




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