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These messages are typically given on Sunday morning and evening and Wednsday evening by Pastor Lawrence Richardson but also include guest speakers at Grace Baptist Church.
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So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.
Romans 10:17 (KJV)

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Individual Sermons by Bro. Richardson & Guest Speakers

Listen Download   How We Survive by Preaching the Gospel, I CorinthiansI by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 12-28-2014
Listen Download   It's a Wonderfull Life, Ephesians 5; by Bro Chris Gouger, 12-21-2014 pm
Listen Download   Whose Child is This, Matthew 27:41 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 12-21-2014 Sunday am
Listen Download   Reason for Discouragement, Numbers 21 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 12-21-2014 Wednsdayh
Listen Download   Mary & the Bible, Luke 1:26-28 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 12-14-2014
Listen Download   S.A.V.I.O.U.R. Luke 2:11 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 12-7-2014
Listen Download   Things God Gives in the Valley, 1Kings 20 & Psalm 23, by Bro Lawrence Richardson 11-230-2014
Listen Download   It May Be, 1Samuel 14:1-12, by Bro Rob Johnson 11/23/2104
Listen Download   Thanksgiving, John 3:16 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 11-23-2014
Listen Download   What Think of Christ Whose Son is He, Matthew 22:41-42 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 11-16-2014
Listen Download   The Greatness of a Nation Without God, 2Samual 23:1-3, by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 11-9-2014
Listen Download   The Politician Who Knew the Truth and Did Nothing, Acts 26, by Bro Lawrence Richardson 11-2-2014
Listen Download   Comprehending the Unknown, Ephesians 3:8-19 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 11-2-2014
Listen Download   This Present Evil World, Part 2, Gal 1:1-5 & Eph 2 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson 11-2-2014
Listen Download   This Present Evil World, Gal. 1:1-5 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 10-26-2014
Listen Download   Part Religion, James 1:19,21 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 10-19-2014
Listen Download   This is Only a Test, Philippian 1:10 by Bro. Benny Hatfield, Sunday Morning, 10-5-2014
Listen Download   The Philippian Jailer, Acts 16:16, by Bro Lawrence Richardson 10/1/2014
Listen Download   Battle of the Gods, Exodus 5:1-2 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 9-28-2014
Listen Download   Remove Not the Ancient Landmark, Prov. 22:28 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 9-21-2014
Listen Download   The House of God, Matthew 16; 1Timothy 3:14,15 by Bro Cris Gouger
Listen Download   What Do We See, John 4:35 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 8-27-2014
Listen Download   Keeping Our Faith On Him, 1Thimothy 4:9-16 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 8-24-2014
Listen Download   How we survive challenging times, Daniel 2:1-6, 10, 28 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 8-17-2014
Listen Download   Midnight, Matthew 25:1-13, by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 8-10-2014
Listen Download   When All Hope is Gone, Acts 27:8-25 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 8-3-2014
Listen Download   This Man Titus, Titus 1:1-5 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 7-30-2014
Listen Download   Will You Turn Aside to See, Acts 7; Ex 3:3-10, by Bro Ronnie Downey, Missionary to Wales, United Kingdom, 7-27-2014
Listen Download   Prophecy of Israel, Matt 9:35-38; Ezekiel 38:1 & 39:29 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 7-27-2014
Listen Download   God's Word by Bro Casper Koning, 7-23-2014
Listen Download   The Treasure We Have in Him, 2Cor 4:7 & Col 2:1-20, by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 7-20-2014, 49 min.
Listen Download   The End of Satan, Isa 14. by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 7-16-2014, 38min.
Listen Download   Living in the Light of His Loving, Titus & 1Tim 3:16 by Bro David Johnson, 7-13-2014, 41min.
Listen Download   The Rapture by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 42min. 7-10-2014
Listen Download   Vessels of Honour and Dishonour, II Timothy 2:15-26 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 7-13-2014
Listen Download   Another Generation, Judges 2:1-10 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson
Listen Download   Bro. Jeff Bassett's Missionary Work in Uganda, Romans 10:13, 6-22-2014
Listen Download   Jesus' Last Word to the Church by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 6-22-2014
Listen Download   I Know When I Have Believed, Romans, by Bro Lawrence Richardson 6-18-2014
Listen Download   Rebellion Against Authority, 1Samuel 15:1-9 & Genesis 4:4-8 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, Sunday 6-15-2014
Listen Download   A man Without An Epitaph, Hebrews 11:5 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 6-8-2014
Listen Download   Our Daily Bread, Matthew 6:11, by Bro Lawrence Richardson 6-4-2014
Listen Download   What Will It Take To Bring Us Back To God, Nehemiah 9:1-38 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 6-1-2014
Listen Download Video Wrong Worship, Exodus 32; by Bro Cris Gauger 6/1/2014
Listen Download   The Grace of Our Lord, Titus 2:11 by Bro Dustin Taylor, 5-25-2014
Listen Download   Here I Am, Genesis 22:7, by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 5-25-2014
Listen Download   Things that accompany our salvation, heb 6:7-10 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 5-18-2014
Listen Download   Things My Mother Taught Me, Acts 12:5, Acts 12:11-12 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 5-11-2014
Listen Download   Continue, 2Timothy 3:10-15 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 5-4-2014
Listen Download   God's Judgement to the Wicked, Psalm 11:1-7, A Judgement Psalm. by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 4-30-2014
Listen Download   Finishing the Course, 2Timothy 4. by Bro Lawrence Richardson 4-27-2014
Listen Download   The Duty of Prayer by Bro Lawrence Richardson 4-23-2014
Listen Download   Why the Devil Hates the Resurrection by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 4-20-2014
Listen Download   Paul's Instructions for Christian Living by Bro Cris Gauger, 4-16-2014
Listen Download   Soldier by the Cross, What He Heard Made the Difference, John 19:14-38 by Bro Lawrence Richardson 4-13-2014
Listen Download   People Who Die and Go to Hell by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 4-9-2014, Wednsday
Listen Download   What Did These Stones Mean? by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 4-6-2014
Listen Download   Noah and His Family, Genesis 7:21-24 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 3-30-2014
Listen Download   Ezekial, Are We Seeing the Beginning of Your Prophecy by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 3-23-2014
Listen Download   Come, by Bro Joe Decker, Mission Conference 2014, 3-16-2014
Listen Download   No Deposit No Return by Bro Joe Decker, Mission Conference 2014, 3-15-2014
Listen Download   Being Stirred Up by Bro Joe Deckekr, Mission Conference 2014, 3-14-2014
Listen Download   What Do You Have, by Bro Joe Decker, Mission Conference 2014, 3-13-2014
Listen Download   Stopping the Assimilation Process, by Bro Joe Decker, Mission Conference 2014, 3-12-2014
Listen Download   The Motive for Missions, Mark16:15 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 3-9-2014
Listen Download   The Maid that Made the Difference, 2Kings 5:1-4 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 3-2-2014
Listen Download   The All Sufficiency of God's Grace, 1Peter 5:5-11, by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 2-23-2014
Listen Download   Lot, 2nd Peter 2:1-8, Eph 4, by Bro Lawrence Richardson 2-16-2014
Listen Download   The Importance of the Life of a Believer by Bro Cris Gouger, 2-9-2014
Listen Download   The Challenge of Compromise, Daniel 1:1-8, by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 2-2-2014 Sunday AM.
Listen Download   The Righteous Judgement of God, 2Thessalonians 1:6-12 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, 1-26-2014
Listen Download   Grieve Not the Holy Ghost - Eph. 4:30-32 by Bro. Lawrence Richardson, Wed. 1-22-2014
Listen Download   From the Womb to the Tomb - The Sanctity of Human Life by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 1/19/2014
Listen Download   The Five Pillars of Salvation Parts 3 & 4 & 5 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 1/12/2014
Listen Download   The Five Pillars of Salvation Parts 1 & 2 by Bro Lawrence Richardson, 1/12/2014




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