4-29-2020 Wed. TRANSCRIPT. GBC Remote Service with Bro L. Richardson, Message


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Leaving him alone certainly appreciate another day the Lord given us and we look forward to helping the word of God here in a few minutes and look into the Scripture and get some enjoyment things of the Lord is being wasted on our prayer service time.


Always have our time together that we pray and ask God's blessings upon folks that we know they are having difficulties in their life which I prefer missionaries around the world. Pray for our country. Pray for our area around us. This pray one for another Scripture clearly tells us that we are to lift each other up in personal prayer and not certainly realize that we need prayer more now. Maybe that would have been other times were like to continue to serve the Lord under the ways that we are having to do now but to the reason may be hopeful like at the end of the tunnel. Thanks. Get back to some kind of normal here in a few weeks and so were looking forward for the Lord blesses and though many people are praying that God would when answering God would heal our land and take care of the needs that we have and asserted we are our much need of the prayer of God's people and so tonight was to think about those that we know that health moves personal needs for the physical, spiritual need all of us know folks that are lost and we certainly need to pray for them because I believe our time drunk nine for longer lead will be here and will be gone and things will certainly get much worse and there are even in our time, and so will remember those that are lost of our families are friends and loved ones know people that know the Lord have a burden for those especially our families that do not know the Lord and become burden at times it sometimes almost embarrassing to realize that if the Lord was to call him on the work would not be ready to medium so we certainly do pray for those that are lost. Pray one for another. Pray for each other as we are not able to get our buildings. We can certainly pray to the Lord for each other. Lord knows where we are. Lord knows our need. He can take care that. And so here on Wednesday night we tried to take time when we here in the building. We have our prayer requests and share those things together with God's people political order prayer right now and ask God to bless and then tonight will be reading in Proverbs chapter 27 and starting off in verse number one. Prayer asked God to bless our dear Lord, we come to you tonight. We are very thankful that we have an opportunity to call upon your name we have privileged really that we are blessed of the Lord, you have invited us to come unto your throne of grace and mercy and that we can make supplication for others. We can pray for the needs that we personally have we can pray for people that need the Lord Jesus Christ. So I'm glad you give us this means whereby we can talk to you and we can give you the thoughts of our heart even though you know you want us to express them to you that we might be drawn closer to you as we see you answer our prayers know what we are thankful that we have had prayers answered many different instances in our life. We've had you to deal with situations that we cannot handle the Lord that I would trust you. We depend upon you and we thank you for all that you've done for us. We do pray for our communities. We pray for our nation. I did warn me you help us on the Lord, may we don't deserve it. Spiritually I would you show mercy to us and help us in these days and we hope and pray that through these days which were living that people would see a real need for the Lord Jesus Christ in your life, not just to have knowledge not just a claiming that they know about or that might come to an understanding have a personal relationship with your son and our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, we do pray for our missionaries. We Lord would ask that you be with each one of the many of those are under duress that even today and continuing on as a father figure blessings in your protection your watch care all the and I know you are there close father, help us tonight. I will open the word of God, maybe instructionally bring joy to our heart to realize the things that are ahead of us as believers and forgive us our sins help us Lord to serve you better tomorrow than we did today and may you continue to help with these things in Jesus precious name remain. All right tonight in the book of Proverbs chapter number 27 and in verse number one a verse that tells us is both not by self of tomorrow, for thou knowest not. What a day may bring forth both not myself of tomorrow. All of us have plans. I'm sure for tomorrow or sometime maybe next week or have something coming up in the future that we have plans for an Scripture here says don't bow*don't depend so much on that that would take place because we don't know what a day may bring forth a we get out of the morning and we have no idea what they bring to us. Sundays are hectic Sundays are busy and Sundays are slow days or sometimes even boring, especially in the lockdown that we oriented and not able to go all the places we desire to go. Sometimes boredom comes upon us as we don't know what a day to go to brain. But I'm the one that holds not only daily homes tomorrow and tells us here, but was not myself out tomorrow about knowest not want to day may bring forth. And so the writer here warns us concerning our attitude about tomorrow never think about what tomorrow may bring. Sometimes we I don't even let it enter into our mind other than the things that maybe I we have planted and we just don't think too much about tomorrow. He says we know what tomorrow will bring up tomorrow may old photos I we may go to bed here tonight. I we may wake up any target for the morning right sunrise and so as far as knowing we do not know. That's why so very important that we know the Lord Jesus. That's why we are important. It's important for us to know Jesus as our personal savior. Because of the normal it will even be here tomorrow. Those long, why not the nicest tomorrow son made him arise when it may not last for you may not rice for me and so we need preparation for tomorrow and tomorrow doesn't bring things to us tomorrow doesn't bring things into eternity. There will be a tomorrow that will do that so we don't all the time on the day of our of our departure is like a normal day time our use his coming and so we are leaving Independence of Jesus Christ and are serving him. There are days that are very special to all of us. We all have birthdays that people celebrate. I we have eventually have different times on the calendar that maybe we market I so and so is this going on. This person has birthday that family has a hesitant anniversary and we have a special day is that we look forward to your days that we we think about our days that we anticipate there are have been days in all our lives that have been fun and joyous and then there are days that have been saying. Previous to us so we are living right now were living in this moment of time. We don't know what tomorrow brings. But there's there's the day of tomorrow that will be here with us. There will be us Sundays that we will rejoice and and then there are some days that we certainly regret and soul and I want us to think about about the day that is before us. The data is ahead of us and especially for the child of God. David we will enter into the very presence of the Lord and we get to heaven it will be wonderful bears. We spoke on last last Wednesday night we spoke on the conference all morning. Be wonderful. There will and tonight I was to look at the verses of Scripture and that we help enforce and all the thought of One-A-Day that will be like others a day coming and there's those days that have been a before us continuing and will continue to be. There's a day coming this never been in our life. One day we will see him as our writer here warns us about tomorrow making most of the calls we may not be here tomorrow and the days are important because I believe we can find in Scripture that I am the Old Testament, the book of Joel. There were days in his life that he rejoiced when Joe was a righteous man. Joe was a man that feared God, he hated evil but Thursday came in his life that he never, never, for God and the Scripture says in Job chapter 1 and verse number six now there was a day and soul particular time and goes on to tell us that Satan and the Lord had conversation that they enjoyed life made made a difference in human as the powers of the wicked. I was unleashed upon Joe and then later on he says there was a day when the messengers came and gave Joan all disasters that had taken place in his family are in misfortunate I and all the things that he always doubted all Joe was left alone, other than he and his wife and she was and she said your mother's curse… Job was a righteous man he believed in trusting God and he told his wife. You speak is a foolish moment, and he never did. I never did fail, Lord. He never did go back home, Lord, but there was a day in his life, never, never forgot the losses can only losses his children everything he'll was gone in that one particular day, so One-A-Day that was healed One-A-Day that I was in his memory. But we know the story, I go to the book of Job invited one blessing more in the latter days of his life that he did in the first part of his life. Everything was. I was doubled again that he lost and there was a day of regret and loss. But there's a day later I became a day of rejoicing and gaining in his personal possessions and my family and Joan never did forget those days. I'm sure he said in his heart One-A-Day that was One-A-Day disease and you and I have been days in our life they would not say One-A-Day that was but we are thinking tonight about how today that will be One-A-Day that will be when we go home to be with the Lord's also just look at three things I and grew quickly. They will be finished and begun our armistice One-A-Day that will be when we see the Lord Jesus Christ. When we see our Savior that will be a different day than ever has been. Some folks say they've seen the Lord. I don't believe any of us have seen with our physical eyes we see him with our our eyes and faint we believe what he tells us, I am Scripture. But one day we will see his features. I don't have pictures that the Lord Jesus. But others know of no pictures or no portrait there's no way of telling exactly what the Lord looked like her sister that he looked like what the picture depicts to us that we normally call the place of Jesus Christ. But when we get there we can all we see the same would go see his features were go see his face. See the scars in his hand inside Annie's fever noticing all the other things that mankind put upon him as he was your home is earthy. Maintenance garden is any standings brown eye with a crown of thorns replace we know of the scars raise hands or need. He showed them to his disciples and late basalt. He showed Thomas that now and Thomas said let's I see I'm not going to believe in Jesus, blessed are those that we've not seen, but he showed Thomas his hand showed Thomas the scarring to sign and Thomas believe, and rightly get him and those scars are still lack the song out years ago with only thing made by man in heaven or the scars on the body of the Lord Jesus Christ One-A-Day that will be when we see our Savior when we see the Lord Jesus Christ to rescued us from the miry clay who rescued us from me that the path of destruction who pull us out of the pit, and set our feet on solid rock of yourself and we will one day look upon him. It will rejoice and I will I will say One-A-Day disease One-A-Day is the hold phase home. I sent the very features of the Lord Jesus Christ, we seek is a feature that will see our father will see God of heaven will be in presence with Neil and see the fullness of his glory. Everything about God. Everything about Jesus Christ is glorious that it is one that we can remove the ball when we get there on that day. What a wonderful day that will be the Bible tells us in Matthew chapter number 25 and verse number 31 Matthew 25 in verse 31 says when the Son of Man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory. So he's coming one day and he's going to come in his glory that he (clan we read the next chapter number one chapter 125. He left in a cloud. I think I come back in his glory. I would go see recognized knowing he knows us so we see the Savior what a wonderful day that will be we will see fullness of his glory. The Bible says the book of Romans on share just a few verses we tonight as we go through this in Romans chapter number nine and verse number 21 says health not the potter power over the clay of the same love to make one vessel honor and another on the dishonor, what if God will show his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much long-suffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction that he might make known the riches of his glory of the war wants to make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy. You say we are vessels of mercy. He had mercy upon us. He had the power I have mercy upon you and I to make us a new creature in Christ Jesus. And so therefore I one day we will see glory of the Lord and the Old Testament and New Testament, especially the Old Testament tells us that there were times I will be a glory of the Lord appeared in it shine roundabout when Moses went up to the mountain he came back down and have a bail on his face because embedded in the presence of God and the glory of the Lord was upon him. In the New Testament I Scripture tells us that all of them cost the glory of God came in the mercy of the church, believing God in the Holy Spirit and therefore gave up our going all the world and preach the gospel. Now I see the evidence of his mercy, we see the evidence of his power, his glory, and so when we get to heaven will say One-A-Day disease. Right now we sing about One-A-Day that will be. We just think about it we can just maybe put in our myosin features what we think it might need in the Bible has given us a few thoughts about what heaven is what heaven is like a who's there presence of the angels of God and those of normal force of my mom says in Hebrews that we are compassed about with a great witness is not legal's witnesses of those things that are spoken up in chapter number 11 and Hebrews. That chapter 8 nine in the Lord when witnesses and those going on I leave those gone before us later believers layout great cloud of witnesses, that the whole thing certain things of this world. And so tonight I will go to behold the glory are more when we get the hang website today of the season will be updated… See, we are now now my time. We look at our clocks. We look at our calendars we we look at our our phone look at the counter on the phone were now about 24 hours everyday I will get absorbed has to go to bed and have certain times that we do different things and so we are we are creatures of time when we see the Lord times no more when we are in his presence. There is no more time and that they will never in One-A-Day that will be. Thank God, what a wonderful place. Heaven is and what a wonderful experience that day of eternity will continue on all and will just rejoice in his glory will rejoice in his presence will rejoice because of his love to us his mercy and I will honor him. We will worship him and will do just according to things that God has given to us and how he is going to give us when we get the eternity, and worship him for ever and ever One-A-Day that will be thank you Lord. Number two is shall be a great day. Talk about this. Not too long ago. It will be a great day when we see not only the son but we go to see the same for us next time. Witness is talking about a moment ago will go see him see you, Lord Jesus Christ then proceeded to go see the same set of Dalton they are. We are called late. We get to heaven we will be a part of that great family of God, and we got right now. This is our and the difference in the family, the church thinking and God sent everybody the same been saying those are living now this country or another country where family and we have a relationship is through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. See we are related to our family by the physically and that we are related to our family by let's fix that also shed blood of Jesus Christ we get to heaven and see the Saints when we see our family all gathered together One-A-Day that will be I will see those that we are known here on this earth and multitudes that we've never known many people that are there also are faithfulness making giving to missions and they'll come and say thank you for giving and that there there there because of somebody preach the gospel to them and were all getting together as one good the family we call it here, her family reunion letting you do it ever so alarming sometimes ever you have a family reunion. We don't have reunion in heaven and is going to be a time getting that I will be just once a year not only a 175. Will be forever and forever. When the family of God meets together and we see those whom we love all the force and then we meet multitudes that never met Mabel take time and eternity sit around and share some things that God did for us made as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are coming to that time come to that place when we will be there that day in second Thessalonians chapter number four and verse number 13 devices I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep. Thank you. Sorry, not even as others which have no hope all tells you this morning church. He said I will deal with your talking about voice I don't you be working automatic word semis were unaware we don't have the knowledge as a loss as I don't you be concerning these things. Of those gone before you. And so teach us a blank success. For if we believe. I don't be sad as those that have no hope. I don't understand how people face tomorrow with no whole multitude of people and leaving tonight to have no hope because they have the Lord. Also, don't be sorrowful like Baylor, he says, but, for if we believe. I told church or number of times I have written out beside that little phrase for if we believe I have written out beside it. I do, I do believe it's in the word of God. We must believe. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep or were not precede them. Thank God tonight. There's a day coming One-A-Day that will be when we meet the Lord Jesus Christ all things are taken care of. Everything is is finished up and work comes and gets us brings us to himself and then seven years later he got were going to come with him that this or he's going to finish the task of purifying this world in which he pre-One-A-Day that will be when we see the sun, One-A-Day, CSS, and then lastly what a sad thing that will be. We see you soon and didn't see there is a judgment in every persons or things every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, the heathen, they're going confess the atheist and agnostic. They revalue those are in rebellion against got there gonna stand before God. Not only are they going to stand or go to bat as well be a sad day One-A-Day that will be when we hear the Lord say depart for me. I never knew you never had any kind of knowledge of who you are as a sad commentary upon people was unthinkably I think it's because I didn't do well okay something just because they know why believe in God sums a lot believe in Jesus. I believe he was a person is a man I believe is a good man believe you as you just man said he was a prophet. People that are good man is more than a prophet. They got asked the son of God saving and he gives us opportunity now to believe call pony and we do not do that on a day that we face God we sample the white throne judgment spoken of in the book of Revelation chapter number 20 when we stand before and there's nothing left nowhere to go. There's no appealing our case were standing before God judges all mankind One-A-Day that will be when we hear the sin, condemned for eternity not going to be enjoying saline they would go to heaven suddenly enjoys the same side will be a joyous day we go to heaven and see the Lord see his people. Very sad day when we hear those words. I never knew you that is a very strong verse of Scripture, he says. First of all, the bar getaway. You're no longer will and then he says he depart from me. No longer will they have any thought of God. No longer will they be with the Lord for anything and then he says I never knew you that you think that at face value. That simply means. Jesus said, never, never knew that as well a lot of people to think they can maybe get same losing St. again and then die. Dinesh is no Jesus says the reason go to the white throne judgment never so tonight we must realize One-A-Day that will be for you and I challenge God as Christian as believe we can sing a song we can rejoice in the word of God in Scriptures and we can we can smilingly say One-A-Day that will be my Jesus, I shall see my God help us deny rejoice in him, and to look forward to that day will be above every day and all the way. We can have day is we have a day in her life. We call pony. I have I have. This is also tonight don't you listen to it One-A-Day that will be. God bless you will see you Sunday morning.

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