So right now I'm with Dr. Dan Erickson and he's actually working with Cove in 19 patients is that right is right. Welcome to the raisin patriot podcast on your host Julie, Sally, Ellen, this is a very special episode were actually interviewing Nicole the 19th. Dr. please spread the word about this episode. Can you just tell us a little bit more about what you do in the background of what you work with. Well, we really seen thousands of patients in week I should say tested thousands of patients over the last two months and we really just been collecting data. We have seven medical centers and we been testing people with and without symptoms initially. The CDC recommends fever, cough, shortness of breath we follow that protocol and then as we as we start to progress. A lot of employers said hey I need people tested without symptoms, so we kind of lifted it and now were really in the last several weeks were just testing anyone that wants and needs to be tested. I think it really helps us to decide when herd immunity is happened, and really that's what were all after his herd immunity you can you hear me talk about herd immunity a lot today as it is the it is really the beginning and the end of the discussion when it comes to sheltering in place that's been a lot of discussion when it comes to lockdowns, whereas one arguments against lockdown is how we ever get to herd immunity because right when lockdowns randomly go outside again. It can then were just all get hit with a virus. What you think they know there's a lot of discussion on when the herd immunity happens at what point percentage in the population need the anybody's for herd immunity to kick it like a range that start with China. China started getting cases in January late January. China didn't know what they were dealing with. They said well we got a virus here moving quick so if you look at the data and you go to world ohmmeter or CDC or whatever you like. There's grass and they show that the peak on February 4. I showed the peak. I think it was 3800 cases a day. It peaked in and started going down. It's usually a 4 to 6 week cycle of the herd immunity well China they read an advantage and the advantage was they didn't know what they were dealing with, so they didn't they didn't shelter in place to shelter in place order if my data serves me correct was February 21. Well, that's a couple weeks after they had peak so they had a chance to develop herd immunity herd immunity. Those epidemiologists all say most I talked to two I watch their videos and and that they said about 80% is the number they look for for herd immunity. So the virus comes in to a society it gets. It spread rapidly throughout the society we get 80% in the virus is trying to move to another person, but there's nowhere to go. It burns out it's done to shelter in place and you quote, flatten the curve you drag out this process for months when it should have taken you know, 468 weeks to spike up if you look at the data from people that will world ohmmeter and pull it China. It shows these graphs beautifully and you can see exactly how it spike it went back down. By the time they sheltered in place. The herd immunity was indeed do you think that the lockdowns even flatten this curve because the layout is looking at the data and I was thinking obviously in New York City. They saw benefit spike, but I was looking at him thinking what if lockdowns and really do anything and that was just the natural spike and since were only limiting our data. Will that the experts are limiting their data to only the confirmed case is now to get anybody to say that 21% of people in New York City may have been infected getting at that point the lockdowns even flatten the curve and considering that plaintiff flatten the curve is for medical resources don't go overcapacity and no medical resources go overcapacity all the time I've been in the system for a long time. Typical flu year. Let's say you have, you know hundred beds you know a typical typical date of sale using 50 or 60 of them on Sundays. You go to 120 and you, your staff is busy. Your your moving patients from the hospital you doing the best you can but you don't you don't plan to have 5000 people. When you have 100 beds you plan for an appropriate sort of increase in the patient volume and but your normal census you had you operate with within the parameters that are economically appropriate and it seems like what you said that the general public does not understand that hospitals are a very busy dollar flu season and I going online and you type in any given year flu season hospital. If you type any of the defined times of under 1000 view news videos of hospitals overflowing from the fluid at the set up outside tends to treat flu patients. People don't realize that happens multiple years I worked in three different hospitals in central California. We set up tent on a regular basis. This is our emergency preparedness plan. So they have to set up if you tent in Central Park. I go yeah that's pretty normal and I think most will say most all say the epidemiologists I've spoken to say this is a standard normal flu season. It's a little more aggressive. It's a little more respiratory based and there's reasons for them to see note 57,000 deaths from Corona we see 10 or 12,000 from influenza 67,000 is what we saw in 2017, 2018 from the flu. This is a standard type of flu season with a concentration in New York and this is not something Rico. We've never seen this before that Woodley had been overwhelmed by flu seasons in the past and all we have to do to figure out if if the shelter in place works is compare countries who sheltered in place. The countries it didn't shelter in place and look at the deaths per million, and if you don't mind, I can take one minute and answer that question go for so the United States has been 150 deaths per million, Italy and Spain. Which of the next two highest of about 400 to 450 deaths per million, all three of those countries sheltered in place and lockdown Sweden which is 10.3 million people didn't lockdown. They did some basic social distancing. So when you were in a restaurant. People would spread out they were math some basic things and they had a death rate of 200 per million this is all online data from various sources that we can cross reference. This is not stuff that I'm making up this is data I'm finding from various sources online. So what that David tells me is that whether you shelter in place when you don't shelter in place. It goes about it the disease process is about the same in a death rate. What happens is you can't stop this virus, it will spread herd immunity will happen whether you whether you shelter in place or not. And if you like China get it over with quick and get it done. That is the best course of action you shelter in place and drag it out for months and then come out, your house is reinfected re-spike and cause massive collateral damage to our economy. I don't see that is the most viable option. Everything you're saying just seems like common sense, especially you, as a doctor you you have more information in your head. You know a lot more about medical stuff and what you're saying is stuff that I've been saying on my show and saying on Twitter since January and see your way smarter than me in the Heckel field but what you're saying. Just seems like common sense, why is it that these experts throw out these 2.2 million debt projection models based off of a 5% death rate in the real death rate is probably point. 15% what what is there their logic of thinking and what would you not a psychiatrist. I don't know what people think that's my short and yeah when I will tell you is, the early models were predicting a couple million deaths early models had not proven accurate and you will see different people at here's the here's a little bit of background early on presidents from made some decisions to shut down the country and travel. That's a great new early on they shut things down because we didn't have any data that's prudent when you say what kind of a weapon. What kind of a bite look of a biological weapon or begin with. They didn't know. As data came out of China showing its do not it's transferred by respiratory droplet. We got some sequencing out of it and we figured out a test for it and then we tested for it. Now we have more data, how many cases are coming. How many people are sick. How many death behaving like flu. So now we look back over two months and we can make a different conclusion. So I don't throw stones at the early decisions that were made when we didn't have the facts I just sent the graph to your phone and where is X from China. That's China's data it's on world ohmmeter ends China and it shows how their disease peak when peak how long it lasts and there is no new cases. In China, so the pandemic is over in China and not the typical classic virus same pattern in North Korea. Typical pattern of disease coming in herd immunity and going out without sheltering in place is obviously we can't really trust China's data. Just because we can trust China. But what I noticed is when I was following this early on when it was in China. Then when it left China. It seemed like the ratio of the death rate into the infection rate at least confirmed cases seem to have followed a very similar trend to at least in a ratio perspective. Maybe it wasn't 5000 infected. It could've been 20,000 infected on any given day at least. The ratio of the of the curve could be accurate and would you agree with that yet and I think that the thing is, China has no new active cases and this is what I do trust about it. If China was having active cases and that is very hard to keep that under wraps. In this day of, you know amateur reporting going on everywhere. It's very difficult to sort of keep that under the hood and the fact there's no new cases coming out what we can pretty much understand is that the pandemic is is over in China and if we allow herd immunity in this country to do the same. We will also go through our get to her 80% number much quicker than if we shelter in place. Now the people you normally work with that have Cova 19 what seems to be around the age range are you noticing a lot of older, older people coming in or is a mix of adults and old people. I more commonly, adults with us and again we have been my my team is reporting positives. We have not done a study in an age breakdown as we are busy seeing you know seeing patients every day getting them tested reporting to our public health department it's it's a very it's a lot of paperwork it's a lot of hours we're just testing and sending out the data we are not breaking it down. We are not epidemiologists, so we are sending it to the public health department and their epidemiologists will break down the age ranges as we give them all the necessary data I staff is there till midnight most days calling people back and fill in the paperwork. I don't have an epidemiologic breakdown because I don't feel like that's our area of expertise. So right now there's about 50,000 Cova 19 deaths in the United States confirmed that he was talking on that one interview that you did that a lot of doctors are Pressured into saying that there's a Cova death when there's not that. Is that correct well yeah and I want to. Here's what I'm trying to do. I'm really trying to speak to the facts have doctors told me that firsthand. They have but then again that's not a provable point that's hearsay. So I really want to stick with the facts because the facts are something that can be we can make conclusions about get out. I also noticed that when Neil Ferguson and that was his name. He did the original 2.2 million death projections in the United States. He was also saying that two thirds of the people who would who would die from this virus would've already died. By the end of the year from their pre-existing conditions. Knowing that at that point. Is it really worth is, the more you cut a pile onto this about the real facts and what's actually going on. It seems like less and less lockdowns seem to serve a purpose, here's here's what you have to understand about about death is I've been lots of cool postmortem autopsy and when we go we go to the cadaver after the person is dead. Go through each system. They may have had pneumonia because people don't die from coded they die from pneumonia. A guy from ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome. They die from renal failure, they die from sepsis. So we go through each system we say why did they die, and most people die for a variety of reasons hypoxia, they can oxygenate they have a heart attack. They have a stroke. They have massive organ failure just say they die from COBIT to me is the a bit disingenuous. They may have had the virus. Your immune system was we so thing is, in order to understand the depth of the human need to understand their comorbidities. They have diabetes and hypertension if they have renal failure if they have a variety of other things that contribute to their death as opposed to having a virus that caught the flulike illness and another stat that I saw. I work out the full mast, but they could be anybody testings. Obviously, that rate went from 3 to 5% only down the point 15% in Los Angeles that death rate is also including all of the older people with pre-existing conditions that died, but for the adult population. I don't know if you you you run the method. It seems like the adult population with this actually be less deadly than the flu for the overall adult population not intimidated, young and old. On a typical years .13 per my calculations so I say to myself the data that I gathered shows about a .02 death rate for Californians and I see it as a smaller death rate in the menu look at the United States in general it starts climbing up to that point one region that's typical for the so I don't see the numbers being statistically significant when it comes to the death rate this year in her flu season versus a typical year because II look at. I'm comparing it to the flu again the epidemiologists I talked to because I defer to them as the experts and the immunologist they say this is causing a flulike illness. It's a little bit more rapid spreading. It's a little more focused on the lungs because a variety of reasons, and it's going to hit New York different as New York has a different population different race population is some states, it hits different races differently based on some of the receptors in their lungs. Different races have so the I spoke with a Dr. Zoltan is an MD PhD in immunology and he told me that different races their lungs get hit harder. Based on that something called an ace receptor in their lungs that certain people groups have a lot higher in what is the state that's why that's one of the reasons why New York got hit harder also. Obviously, the proximity of their people. The subways it's very different than California were all spread out. We drive our cars were spread out in California as you are in Texas, but New York is a very different lifestyle. What what races are affected the most and which ones affect the least and I'm not can it not an intellect. I don't have good data. She told me what it is that I don't have data to back it up so I can't answer that with certainty. I have a I tweeted out that I was going to be interviewing a doctor about Cova. 19 and I got a bunch of questions and I'll read them off for you to answer if you already answered one of the questions just give like a quick summary I guess. Why does no one call out the openly inaccurate CDC death calculations. I think early models I struggle with accuracy because we just don't have a lot of the facts and so they they sort of there on the responsible side, they tend to predict high so that we take conservative measures but I think once we have data we can see that the models were not highly accurate and we need to readjust our thinking with the real data that's coming another question. Why doesn't the US use primary cause of death to stop over calculating in the home, second to seem to be active X and repetitive questions. Do you know any anything about the truth about how eclectic court chloroquine is the media's been saying that it doesn't work. It's not designed to work but then there's some doctor that is saying it does work hydroxychloroquine or plaque when Neil is its brand name has been used in lupus patients for many years for about 70 years, per the rheumatologist that I'm reading and it's been a very safe drug. It's it's one of the main benefits is reducing the what's called the inflammation caused by cytokines and I don't want to get too technical here so I'll just say this. It reduces inflammation. It reduces cytokine storm, and this is one of the reasons why people get in trouble with COBIT as they get an inflammatory reaction and fluid in the lungs. Plaque when Neil has been noticed a decrease to to live in the end his own and help to decrease the cytokine production, not to the point we get immunocompromised but just to the point where reduces the inflammation and that's why it's been shown to be effective. I know one doctor treated 1400 COBIT patients. He had to death out of them and for people on ventilators that all came off and they were all on the hydroxychloroquine is azithromycin and zinc combination. He had very good results. But again, this is anecdotal. This is a physician telling you what he's found that we have have two or three other examples like that, but that's my answer. And another thing that I noticed that a lot of people are talking about when you did that originally of you talking about how lockdowns will lockdowns actually have negative effects on our health and Ellie is thinking today. I haven't been to the gym in over two months and I'm someone that's at the gym every single day and I'm struggling to work out with elastic bands every single day that's all I have and I noticed I did put on at least 8 to 10 pounds since lockdowns outstanding overall United States. Everybody is in that boat. So overall the health of the population should be declining and decreasing as you said once we go out we could be hit harder with the Cova. 19. I'll answer your question by what the epidemiologists tell me every year we have a cold and flu season interested starts run December usually last through March, maybe April, except those down when people start to go outside what happens they have decreased respiratory droplet inhalation they had decrease exposure to air conditioning system. They spread out every year. The virus dies and we go to the cycle of being indoors. It's cold rolling doors, talking no intermingling we go outside we get hurt. Immunity virus turns out we do this every single year. So when you go outside to get your vitamin D goes up your immune system gets stronger all these exercise exercises been shown to do the same, increase your immune system's ability to fight off disease so I'll ask you the question does it make sense to go inside, say on the sun and not work out and say that that causes increase in unit immune system function. SL is like a no-brainer because it's it is very frustrating see in the way our government is acting seen the way our experts and people of authority and power telling us to do these things, forcing us to do these things will be no that's good and that's what I heard, our health, forcing myself out to go for a run around the block that I live in Hollywood and its it's disgusting smelly gross I got I don't want to go outside because if the company gets sick from all the feces laying around but my building had has a really nice Jim Valley normally go to which I can't now because it's closed. So somebody like me to sit on the roof trying to get a 10 least soaking somehow inside sunlight, but it's thinking I'm somebody who is more outgoing to the fact that I'll try to make it my best effort to work out how to stay healthy. Where I feel like the majority of the popular population doesn't really go out of their way to much and I can make that conscious decision to go out for a walk or run or stop your feet a little bit less because they're not as active with doing the me let me just tell you this. I think it's I took an oath when I became a physician, I will take the Hippocratic oath we we we take an oath to do no harm and to uphold the health of the patient above anything else and when I see a system that is indeed causing people to shelter in place, decrease their immune system have problems with employment major company shut down and it's worse for the herd immunity I say to myself, this is not what I need to support. That's why I'm on your show today. That's when I'm speaking out because I took an oath and if I don't speak up, then I am not upholding the oath that I took a long time ago. God bless and we we have one last question when it comes to America. Going back to work. Would you recommend social distancing. Would you recommend masks or don't even bother, it's worthless. I'll answer your question with a question we've talked about herd immunity herd immunity requires you to be in a herd unmasked, shaking hands, and as we share the coronavirus around we get to her 80% quicker when the best things you can do is open up schools get the kids back in school get the virus moving get the herd immunity and get it done. Otherwise, we flatten the curve. We drag it out through summer and we don't get our kids back to work back to school. We don't get everybody back to work as were dragging this thing out. I don't see a scientific reason to drag out herd immunity. The virus will get what it wants. Yeah I completely agree with everything that you're saying it just seems like everything that were being forced to do from the government is actually making it work like you said, and that that is coming out when you go out when I would go out and say we need to do herd immunity. A lot of people reviewed would respond I'll get will the UK try that it failed immediately so they stay went right away into lockdowns and that was because I don't know if this is correct, but at the time there was like an initial large spike in cases and then the UK was Lycos group we have to do lockdowns to prevent it, and it seems like the narrative went from lockdowns went from flatten the curve to its secure where we need to stand lockdowns, just long enough that I will come out there updating the models were saying to compacted two weeks earlier only 6000 people would die instead of 50,000 doesn't make any sense at this and based in reality are the science that we know it. Just everything they do seem to contradict the last thing that they II asked people just to I say followed what I what I do is a physician. As I follow the science and people asking what were they thinking. I say that's not my role. My role is to say what is the science. What makes sense and how should we handle this from the epidemiologic standpoint and that I try to stay on those facts because as soon as we get the weeds and we Japanese black holes of the economy, there's no solid answers. So my logic is herd immunity is a well-known way to burn these viruses out, so let's do what we know now that we've had a few months say two months of data we watched other countries coming go China is done pandemics over in China. No new cases. So let's let herd immunity run its course. Let's get back to work. Let's get back to school it's get back to the gym if you went to the beach in Southern California is packed. I had I was just talking to friends. They said we went yesterday. It was packed shoulder to shoulder at the beach so that you can but you can't go to church on Sunday. So does that make I'm just asking people look at the science does that make sense and also seen that when I noticed about a month ago. There will be a lot of group events that would pop up like the farmers markets. ABC pack was even a thing and it seemed like at that time all the doomsayers were saying. Just wait two weeks wait two weeks can get worse and even now that the protest going on everybody is at least two weeks old and get infected. They're all gonna die and time and time again were seeing none of that happened were seeing no peak happen from these mass gatherings and I think that's mainly because the people in these gatherings are healthy, younger people and they're not even showing enough symptoms even appear on the confirmed case list where they are just getting it get me antibodies and accept athletic antibody tests are coming back with 4 to 20%. People are infected with that, not 80×200 times more than the confirmed cases and that I guess that lends some weight to the herd immunity argument. Yeah, I agree. So I'm I'm I think the conversation is real simple. I my brother down to these two facts if if herd immunity is a known process that's effective for burning out viruses widely shelter in place and if if you say to me. Well, we sheltered in place early on, so he didn't know was going on. Okay that's legitimate now that we know what's going on. We understand a lot more about the virus. Now they tell me. Okay it's for flattening the curve in my response is, why would we want to drag this out. Let's get it over with. Let's get the herd immunity. Let's get back to work so I don't find any scientific basis for sheltering in place. I have not heard a good answer and I don't think there is a good answer to now. Initially, yes, but at this point. Once we have the data I do not think that California needs to shelter in place exactly that and I was saying that yesterday on my show and on Twitter where is at what point do we stop believing China because obviously blame China at the start because they're a little bit sketchy with their data were not letting people in to do the research to find out what was really going on with the ballot this disease and I believe because China wasn't given the proper information. It led to the lockdowns because everybody was scared. Nobody knew what was going on and at that time we thought the death rate was up to 5% of knives and in fact some people, but is literally can infect the entire population and at that time it made sense. I understood the lockdowns, but now that were just getting more data with learning more. Now we have it here. We have all the data we have the real death rates. We know who it's infecting it's it's blowing my mind that they update any of these projection models to account for the new data it still all based off the old data and no politicians actually making any decisions or even coming out saying anything about any interest. It seems like that now it's it just seemed like a game of politics is a political gain because I have one more analogy for you that I've been using that I think is effective. If you think about the scales of justice and you think on one side, I have collateral damage from COBIT in the economy and on the other side. I have the disease, death, and general illness of COBIT and the scales are going back and forth and I ask you which which scale is lower COBIT or the disease process. I have a son with asthma do I want him to get COBIT and have respiratory problems. No I don't and I shelter in place for the first six weeks like I was asked to yes I did. We Warmath we sheltered in place and as I after two months of data. I said okay guys, this does make doesn't make scientific sense and we took off the mask and were not doing that anymore. I have a wife with some respiratory issues in a son with asthma so I was concerned that if we were out with them. My son could easily get when you have asthma. Your your your predisposed to have a significant reaction to this so I said to myself that the experts, the government paid experts are telling us to do this I II you know I respect our president. I respect Mike pence I respect Dr. fatty so I did what they told me to do. I have done what they told me to do. And now that I have my own data. I say okay here's what the data says it's time to lift. It's time to get the schools back in time to get businesses back approach are 80% and and allow things to go. Now that we know this is a typical flu cycle is seem like there is a get when you say the typical flu cycle is this. I guess comparable to previous years of the fluid as it seem like there is the flu virus that's out there and they were stacking on kind of a second flu on top of it is, it would that be more accurate. Okay I'm I would direct you to the CDC website for 2017, 2018. Look at the numbers. There you'll see I believe right around 60,000 deaths that year, which is kind of where were at with with this year's flu. I I've heard 10 to 12,000 on influenza I haven't verified that I think Corona today is around 50,000. That would put us in the 60,000 range. So that's way outside the round of normal for flu on the every that is terrible. I don't want to appear callous to that, but I also want to make sure were interpreting the data. In light of what we know about the flu for the last 10 years the debt rate is similar and it seems like whenever anybody does bring that up are like the look. It's it's not really that it's not doomsday it's it's pretty much just the flu. When you look at the numbers that even including the artificially inflated death counts. That seems to be speculated, even after you include that. It just seems like it's the flu but whenever you say that it seems like the doomsayers of the opposition of the people who want to extend lockdowns. Oh you don't care about people dying you want to sacrifice 50,000 people for the economy and you look at weight. These people that die, people are in a diet lockdowns and that is not any that it's going to happen. It's a course of life in the natural course of life. There are thousands of diseases and viruses that kill people every single day. You can't do anything to stop it just the natural course of life for people to get sick and people are going to die and they can't divert that argument into a morality argument. Then he talked about one point that we haven't touched on which his vaccines to vaccine for flu. Our vaccine covers about 30 to 40% of the new strains that come out 50 to 60% of people take the vaccine maybe 40%. While I don't have exact numbers but in my clinics. A lot of people say that I don't want okay so we have a vaccine they don't want the vaccine. We have they have to predict what the what the virus will be like that year and design a vaccine for music covers about 30 to 40% of the strains. So is it that effective vaccine. The vaccine's purpose is to get us closer to herd immunity get the vaccine you get and you get this. It gets us to our 80% number faster. That's the point of the vaccine. If you allow us to get together and let that the virus will visit will also get this to herd immunity faster. So people say the vaccine is the answer and I say let's look at the vaccine we have. It hasn't really been the answer so I'm not sure where that argument comes from an seems like the waiting for a vaccine is also not not really a plausible solution, especially considering the economic damages that it's doing. And whenever you bring up the economic damages. People don't realize that economics, the economic damage will indirectly start to affect people's lives and survival rate and health because you know just feel realize it could lead to a war having a crazed economy can be get more people on the streets which will result in more deaths, etc. so many different things that will happen really hung their hat on this vaccine idea and I say to myself when I get the vaccine. Every year I take in the vaccine I've not taken the vaccine. I got the vaccine and gotten flu and just because you get the vaccine does not mean you're not getting the so that's a people have to understand the vaccine has some effect, but it's not 100%. It's not even 50%. It covers about 30 to 35% from what I read I so I say to myself, vaccine is not the end-all. To this we have lots of rhinovirus is we had stars we don't have a vaccine for them and they burn themselves out would have been nice to have vaccine yet. Would it help us get to that number quicker but II don't know that it's realistic to say once we have the vaccine. All will be well also seems that the vaccine is could be well year to allay six months to two years to even be@feasible to lockdown in place until the vaccine even comes out and if if the vaccine was gonna take a month to create say okay will shut down for a month and get try the vaccine did help increment speed up the herd immunity maybe I don't know how the numbers would work if if you would see her immunity coming quicker from just not lockdown or lockdown for a month. Get the vaccine and strip it out and jump jump up as quick as possible on the edges. It seems like there's no solutions really. With this lot. I really want to be part of the meeting. I want to be part of the plan and part of the solutions of I am looking to Gov. Newsom to say I what is the plan to get us back to work and how can I help if you want to do it through a testing type of plan where we due to nasal swabs 24 hours apart use the PCR nasal swab. I'm happy to do that if you want to test people's immunoglobulin IgG test for long-term unity. I'm happy to do that we have the Tiger top tube we can draw blood and what I asked my and I sat down with an MD PhD in immunology from sonic loans, pal labs and I said I need criteria from he worked for several PhD's in immunology and I said I want one she showing me who you think needs to be tested how they need to be tested and who can go back to work and then I'd like to take a rational approach with our leaders and say this is what the experts these are these are nongovernment people are giving us these are the criteria to go back to work and see if I can be part of the solution meeting in my area of a million people or more. I'd like to help the ones that need to get testing back to work as many of them are food workers that supply the food to our country. Their truckers that transport the food to the rest of the country. I would like to be part of the solution and so that's what I would offer from my centers is how to why help be part of the solution of getting California real hide that I'm on I'm on board. We gotta get this message to Newsom and back to us and earlier that this is all a game of politics is I can't see any governor or any politician actually stepping forward having the conversation that we just had today were saying we went beneath the data was initially wrong. Let's move forward on the real data, because in doing so, that could be a political loss for the politician saying that they made a huge mistake and were seeing Annette Pelosi when she was saying. Originally all everything's fine, go to Chinatown hang out in Chinatown and now she wants to attack Trump for pretty much doing the same exact thing and told game of politics with is no honesty in that I think I think other Newsom is a smart man. I think he has acknowledged that the Trump organization is been very helpful in helping to fight the pandemic. I think he's a smart man. He's he's been a business owner is a smart man and I think the issue now is we've done with what we are asked to be. We follow the plan that they set forth. We've done a shelter in place. We've got we've gotten some data now from different universities around California that say it's likely much more. What widespread is most likely millions of cases so now let's test appropriately. Let's come up with an action plan to reopen California and my message to the governor was let's let's get a team together and let's get this done. I'd love to help. I think he's I think he's doing a good job and a lot of things in California. We don't agree on everything, but II think yeah he's he's doing his best in this and this time so I really want to work together to get this done. Thank you for joining. Thank you for spreading the truth in the real data and the real science is there anything that you would like the plug to people to file you want anything to support something well one. One thing were doing that I think is really been helpful as we start a telemedicine business and people are really loving it accelerated urging care.com is allowing people all throughout California and a call in and get care and will be, you know, we'll be in your state shortly tube. It's nice because if you don't want to go see the doctor. You can see one from home in the great state of California to pull up the website right now so people can look at it tolerated air.com gotta go check it out and keep keep keep up the great work. If there's any updates or anything big happens that you notice to shoot me a text of this way I could get your word out there to my audience is and then my audience can get the word out, the people they know will begin to spread the truth and spread the proper data. So thank you thank you so much. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. Thank you so much for listening to the raisin patriot if you're listening to Apple. Please give it five stars on the left is one start bombarding me if you want to shoot me a text send me some fan mail 91754808768. Shoot me a text update on things you can send questions I might answer them on the show. I might answer them in the text with. Also you can please share this episode to your friends friends. I love doing his daily show your friends subscribe to lender subscribe every single day. Never take my promise. If I do that I probably have corporate thank you I appreciate you going this far you need help go to my other episodes