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Grace Baptist Church & School
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We Believe

1. The Bible is the Inspired Word of God - The Word of God has been

preserved in the King James Version for the English speaking people.

2. The Blood of Christ is sufficient to save all who will believe.

3. Christ arose from the dead after three days and three nights in the tomb.

4. Christ can return at any moment.

5. The only way to heaven is to be born again.

6. Hell awaits all who die without Christ.

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Preachers from the Past

A large collection, over 1000 sermons of great preachers from the past.

Individual Sermons, Master Index  This link opens.  To hear Br. Richardson sermon just double click on "Download" and the message will open.  The "Listen"  link does not work.  All "download" links from 1 to 40 to open and play in the audio.

Cris Gouger GBC Sermons & Sunday School 

2014  2014  gouger index.html  22 sermons works  great. Bro. Gouger expresses his grief that Louisville beat KY, Big Blue. But after this lamintation he gets down to a more light note. Last Sunday school lesson is on Book of James

2015  2015 gouger index.html  30 sermons  All OK.

2016  2016 gouger index.html   1 sermon only. On Proverbs 8  Sunday school

All of the following Series Sermons (Messages) are by Bro. Lawrence Richardson


1 Sermons by Series, by Bro. Lawrence Richardson 

2 Book of John, Series, by Bro. Lawrence Richardson 13 parts, audio,

3 Revelation (Recorded in 2003) 26 recordings, includes descritpions, listings, etc

4 God's Call to a Corrupt Nation, Series, 8 recordings

5 Apostles of Christ Series 13 recorded messages

6 Heros of the Faith, Hebrews 11 Series

7 Churches of the Revelatin, with Word outlines

8 Fruit of the Spirit 9 recordings

9 Ruth, Redemption by Love, 4 recordings

10 His Name Shall Be Called 5 recordings in series

11 Romans 8 (Eight) Series 10 recording in series

12 Study of Joseph, Series 7 recording in series

13 Precious Blood, Series 6 recording

14 Book of Acts, Series consists of 27 recording, approx 45 min. each

15 Twice Called - 7 recordings

16 Treasures of Darkness, (1990) 6 recordings

17 On the Cross, Series, (2012) 8 recordings

18 Places Where Jesus is Needed (2016) 7 recordings


19 Victory Series

A. Secret of Victory (1992) L.R.
B. Life of VIctory 1992)
C. How to Reach Your Goal of Victory

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Book of Revelation Audio.html
His name shall be called series.html
precious blood series.html


Remember, as the "coding" is updated the various sermons, etc. will be put into their own web pages. 

The Apostle Series

Audio Sermons  nothing here. delete

Book of Revlation, Audio not working yet..


Fruit of the Spirit Series

God's Call to a Corrupt Nation , Series by Bro. Richardson none working as of 11/22/2023


Guest Camp Meeting Index


Heros of the Faith, Series

by Bro. Lawrence Richardson

His Name Shall Be Called,

Series by Bro. Lawrence Richardson

Individual Sermons 


Bro. Hall was from Marion, KY and was pastor to Bro. Richardson during Bro. R's youth.




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Visit Inside Grace Baptist Church ( Video Presentation }
Meet the Pastor, Bro Lawrence Richardson (To Short Bio)
Meet the Staff of Grace Baptsit Church & School

The Gene War Part 1 Segment 1 video .....

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The Gene War Part 1 _____Full Transcript

The Gene War Pt 2 Segment 1 video .....Transcript

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The Gene War Pt 2 Segment 3 video .....Transcript

The Gene War Pt 2 Segment 4 Video .....Transcript

The Gene War Pt 2 Segment 5 Video .....Transcript

The Gene War Pt 2 Segment 6 Video .....Transcript






Visit Inside the Church, GBC



Listen to All Past Messages from Grace Baptist Church

There over 10 years of Messages

Listen to Famous Great Preachers From the Past will return later

This is a very Large and comprehensive List

Listen to the entire series of the five years "Thru the Bible" radio series by J. Vernon McGee. You can now download each chapter of the entire bible (KJV) individually.

Click on J.Vernon McGee Series.

Everybody Loves Lester Rolloff. Listen to 126 of His Best Messages

W.M Hall Individual Messages from the 1970s.

He was Pastor Richardson's Paster.

Listen to Past Messages from Pastor Richardson Going Back to Early 1990s Click Here

Places where Jesus is needed -

Series of 7 messages - recorded spring 2016

Listen to Visiting Speaker Messages Link does not workd and underscore goes away on click

Listen to Visiting Speaker's Messages

verify the above for working

Note, only Bro. Kennon Roark link works at this time.

Mission Conferences

History of the K.J.V. by Dr. Cecil Fayard, Jr

Why the K.J.V. Only, Listen and Watch Gale Riplinger

Best 57 Sermons of J.Vernon McGee

Prison Ministries Bro. Dustin Taylor

Listen & Watch Guest Speakers

Bro. Jack Hudson, Evangelist, Deceased

Bro. Noah Broughton, Audio Revivals

I Searched for Him& Promises Promises Gospel Song by Bro. Kennan Roark Click on the "download" to hear Bro. Roark sing

Saline Baptist Church - King James & Baptist History Conference - 2007 <Link>





Grace Baptist Church, Madisonville, Kentucky, 42431

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