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We Believe

1. The Bible is the Inspired Word of God - The Word of God has been

preserved in the King James Version for the English speaking people.

2. The Blood of Christ is sufficient to save all who will believe.

3. Christ arose from the dead after three days and three nights in the tomb.

4. Christ can return at any moment.

5. The only way to heaven is to be born again.

6. Hell awaits all who die without Christ.

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Preachers from the Past

A large collection, over 1000 sermons of great preachers from the past.




Testimony of Barbara L. Fisher - Video

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If you or a loved or someone who you know has suffered a serious reaction following being vaccinated by one of the mRNA vaccines, Pfizer or Moderna we would like to post it on a new page made for that purpose which will be linked to this page. Your name is not necessary. If you are a chuch member of this or any other church (or mosque or synagogue or Hindu Temple), or your own prayer room in your house) we would like that information included but it is not required.

Be First a Mighty Prayer Warrior

You canCLICK HERE TO LEAVE YOUR WITNESS to what has happened to you or someone whom you know.

If you know of serious "VACCINE EVENTS" here in the community that are not being reported - please let us know so that the community CAN KNOW what is actually happening in this new era of Truth Blackouts, of censored news both news print, cable news, twitter, Facebook, and so forth.

What is happening in our public schools? How are the students, particulary the 1 thru 6 responding to having to breathe their own breath all day long.

How are the middle class students and high school students reacting to having to wear a MASK when doing vigorous exercise in PE.

Are your sons and daughters actually able to learn in such prison like conditions? Let us know because your local media (owned outside the county) will only give you bland platitudes. Have you not noticed how devoid they are of actual meaningful news content. Their certain demise is evident by the almost total absence of advertisements.

What is the attitude of your children to learning new things now? Is their learning associated with fear? trepidation? reticence? that something evil is happening to them that is beyond their control - instilling in them a sense of helplessness; a deep inner sense that their world is threatening and no longer safe. Is their world as they see it - crumbling about them? Where does that fear lead to in a child - even a high school youth? And when the day comes that they learn this has all been arbitrary and capricious - for political ends - the destruction of their future - how do you think they will react - both to you the parent "for letting this happen to them" (as of course a child would think this way) and react to the world that deprived them of a future that may never come.

Parents, Citizens of our county, UNITE! You have nothing to loose but your children's health and future -and your own dignity. Fight! Using the methods of NON-VIOLENCE though the tyrants who are bringing this upon you may resort to violence and tryanny and this is happening now in Australia today.



Contribute to the Truth and defeat the liars in Washington.



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Bro Richardson's Commentary, Video



We will also be posting Sunday Messages again soon and will attempt to get caught up

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding Proverbs 3:5

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Visit the Vaccine Website The

Visit Inside the Church, GBC

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Grace Baptist School Current School Calendar

Grace Bapitst school has been providing Christian based teaching for classes from pre-kindergarten thru high school for over 35 years. See our website link above. Typically our high school graduates score over 20 points on the A.C.T. test which is typically taken by them in their senior year.



Listen to All Past Messages from Grace Baptist Church

There over 10 years of Messages

Listen to Famous Great Preachers From the Past will return later

This is a very Large and comprehensive List

Listen to the entire series of the five years "Thru the Bible" radio series by J. Vernon McGee. You can now download each chapter of the entire bible (KJV) individually.

Click on J.Vernon McGee Series.

Everybody Loves Lester Rolloff. Listen to 126 of His Best Messages

W.M Hall Individual Messages from the 1970s.

He was Pastor Richardson's Paster.

Listen to Past Messages from Pastor Richardson Going Back to Early 1990s Click Here

Places where Jesus is needed -

Series of 7 messages - recorded spring 2016

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Listen to Visiting Speaker's Messages

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Mission Conferences

History of the K.J.V. by Dr. Cecil Fayard, Jr

Why the K.J.V. Only, Listen and Watch Gale Riplinger

Best 57 Sermons of J.Vernon McGee

Prison Ministries Bro. Dustin Taylor

Listen & Watch Guest Speakers

Bro. Jack Hudson, Evangelist, Deceased

Bro. Noah Broughton, Audio Revivals

I Searched for Him& Promises Promises Gospel Song by Bro. Kennan Roark Click on the "download" to hear Bro. Roark sing

Saline Baptist Church - King James & Baptist History Conference - 2007 <Link>





Grace Baptist Church, Madisonville, Kentucky, 42431

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Bro. Lawrence Richardson,


Pastor Lawrence Richardson

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Church Secretary, Vickie Yandel, 270-836-9613